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Posted on August 16, 2021

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This article is part of a series of regular updates on the process of creating the new University website, As teams across the University work on preparing content to migrate to the new site, the goal is to keep prospective students top of mind as the intended audience.

July 2021

The Next Generation Web Project (NGWP) Team met with content liaisons, office content teams, and the School of Nursing during the month of July. Additionally, information architecture edits to the Campus Life and Resources section and the new Arts section were finalized as were their respective wireframes. The NGWP team expresses their gratitude for the faculty and staff who have shared their time, energy, and expertise to develop these important assets as both sections of the site move to design. 

Content teams continued to develop and identify draft copy, imagery, and other assets for their respective pages within the NGWP Content liaisons, including Student Affairs’ Jolie Helton who was named the content liaison for the Campus Life and Resources section, worked with the NGWP team to develop a content development tracking system. The content tracking system is designed to keep the team progressing, editors informed of pages to review, and more. Content team members are encouraged to regularly update the tracking and work with their content liaison for assistance. 

The NGWP team provided a project update at the University’s Pro-Communicator event on July 29th. Highlights include a timeline update (see chart) in which content for all primary pages is expected to be complete in October in preparation for website training in October/November, and subsequent page building and site migration. Academic and business unit sites are not expected to be ready for launch when the primary site launches. The NGWP team anticipates a roll out of the new design system across the University’s web footprint, and seeks to collaborate with units to determine the best time for each unit to launch their sites after late March 2022. 

August 2021

Faculty and staff who participated in the page specific listening tours, information architecture, and wireframe development for the Arts and Campus Life and Resources pages are now guiding the design process for these pages. Using the same components and design elements as other NGWP pages, both the Arts and Campus Life and Resources page designs are anticipated to be finalized by early September. Once final, the designs will be added as “Other Resources” online here.   

A formal content team for the Arts page has been developed and will be led by the College of Visual and Performing Arts’ Terri Relos, the content liaison. 

Next Steps

For content teams and the University’s Web Dev Group, “Train the Trainer” will be scheduled to provide content owners and tech leads with new website component training. These teams will collaborate, using the drafted page content, at their training sessions to build pages. 

Stay in touch with the project’s timeline, designs, frequently asked questions and more by visiting the Next Generation Web Project page.


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