University Registrar's Office

Classroom Building Abbreviations

ABCB Anne & Benjamin Cone Building
AYCK Aycock Auditorium
BRWN Brown Building
BRYN Bryan Building
CARM Carmichael Building
CURY Curry Building
EBER Eberhart Building
ELLT Elliott University Center (EUC)
FERG Ferguson Building
FOUS Foust Building
GRAM Graham Building
GROG Grogan
HEHP Health & Human Performance Building
JEFF Jefferson Suites
LIBR Jackson Library
M119 119 McIver Street
MCNT McNutt Center
MCV2 320 McIver Street
MCV9 310 McIver Street (Nursery School)
MCVR McIver Building
MFOU Ashby Residential College, Mary Foust
MHRA Moore Humanities and Research Administration
MUSI Music Building
NMOR Nursing, Moore Building
NSPN North Spencer
PETT Petty Building
SOEB School of Education Building
SRC Student Recreation Center
SSPN South Spencer Residence Hall
STAC Gatewood Studio Arts Center
STON Stone Building
SULV Sullivan Science Building
TAYL Taylor Theatre
WM00 1100 West Market Street