UNCG Data Governance launches Collibra

Posted on May 23, 2023

Trees blossom outside the UNCG library.

Our campus runs on data. Our students, faculty and staff generate thousands of pieces of data every day that come together in the most fascinating ways to create information that informs our decisions and helps us learn, teach, and work better.

Have you ever needed information about your program and weren’t sure where to find it? Have you ever looked at a report and wondered what the numbers really meant or where they came from? Or have you ever wanted to better understand a term you keep hearing? We’ve just launched a tool that can help!

We have newly implemented Collibra, a data catalog platform and tool that helps organizations better understand and manage their data assets. You can use Collibra to find what data assets (i.e. reports and data sets) exist, what they are made of, how they are being used, and if they are in regulatory compliance. Collibra will also help us understand our data, providing us with glossaries and dictionaries which foster our common UNCG language around data and information.

Our campus has worked hard together to build a strong foundation for managing our data effectively. The Data Governance program and Collibra provide us with the tools to ensure trustworthy, accessible, secure, and well-managed data.

Starting this summer, the Enterprise Data Governance team will be visiting departments and organizations across campus to show you how these tools can help you. We’ll be scheduling training workshops, both online and in person to teach you how to navigate Collibra and use it effectively. And we’ll host monthly online coffee talks to answer your questions and hear your feedback. The Data Governance website will provide resources and information about upcoming events, training opportunities, and data governance initiatives.

We would love to hear from you. What are you most excited about? What questions do you have?


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