The world has never been more interconnected than it is today. Virtually every industry has gone international – from technology to health care to education. As a campus community, we intentionally foster global connections. We celebrate our differences, and we prepare our students to work with people of all backgrounds. Through more than 100 study abroad exchange programs, globally-focused academics and faculty research, and the 700 international students we welcome to campus each year, UNC Greensboro develops global citizens who, together, will build a better future.


UNC Greensboro welcomes student applicants from around the world!

International applicants are defined as those who currently hold or are seeking an F1 visa or other non-immigrant visa category authorized to engage in full-time or part-time academic studies.

U.S. citizens, U.S. dual citizenship, lawful permanent residents (LPR), pending LPR (with approval notice), DACA, Temporary Protected Status (TPS), political asylees, refugees, or undocumented individuals, should apply as a domestic student.

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