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UNCG Launches curriculum-focused Esports League

Gamers compete in the UNCG Esports arena while shoutcasters call the game for the stream.

On Monday, January 23, UNCG announced the launch of the UNCG Scholastic Esports Alliance (UNCG SEA) — the nation’s first university-led, curriculum-focused statewide high school esports league.

Esports and education fuel e2 Weekend

Gamers play Rocket League in UNCG's esports arena.

On February 3-4, UNCG will collaborate with Epic Games to host E2 Weekend. The event will feature a tournament for students – Spartan Clash featuring Rocket League – and educational seminars for educators on classroom applications of 3D interactive.

Spartan Invitational Captures the Spirit of Esports

Gamers compete in a collegiate Fortnite tournament at the UNCG esports arena.

In today’s growing market of esports, video gaming tournaments are garnering viewership that rivals that of the NFL. Video gaming is no longer a newcomer to the sporting world, but rather a thriving industry with job opportunities that have grown over 100 percent since 2020.

An easy way for faculty to access gaming and Esports resources

Faculty work with the Unreal engine in the Esports Center.

UNCG’s Network for the Cultural Study of Videogaming (NCSV) connects cross-disciplinary faculty and students from across campus and beyond, creating a hub of research and learning around video games and their cultures.Our events, programming, and curriculum place UNCG at the forefront of this cultural landscape.

UNCG Hosts Its First Collegiate Esports Tournament

Gamers in esports arena.

In the span of two weeks, UNCG fans have stormed the streets for basketball and celebrated big soccer wins in the NCAA tournament. Now our Spartan gamers are gearing up for their first collegiate esports tournament!

Accelerating learning and creation in Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine training at UNCG's Esports Arena

Many know Epic Games as the company behind Fortnite, the online survival game where players collaborate to create, play, and compete. In collaboration with UNCG,  the gaming innovator is providing a free learning experiences to North Carolina educators and students to gain the skill set needed to create interactive 3D experiences using Unreal Engine – the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool.

Esports champion crowned

Spartan Clash featuring Fornite

More than 186 high school and college students from 18 counties across the state registered for UNCG’s first-ever Spartan Clash esports tournament. The top 45 qualifiers came to campus for a chance to show off their Fornite skills, meet other competitive esports athletes, and experience the 3,300-square-foot UNCG Esports Arena and Learning Lab firsthand.

Train up and get your game on at UNCG E2Weekend (Esports + Education)

Students in UNCG's Esports Arena

It’s a first of its kind event here at UNCG – a weekend of esports tournaments, as well as educational Unreal Engine and Fortnite Creative toolset training provided. Produced in collaboration with Epic Games, the training and tournament finals will be held in the UNCG Esports Arena and Learning Lab, on October 28 and October 29.