UNC Greensboro

Social Innovation

It starts with a desire to solve acute community problems. It’s facilitated by critical partnerships. It grows out of creativity and cross-disciplinary savvy. As UNCG builds a culture of social innovation and entrepreneurship, NC communities reap the benefits.

2024 UNCG Research Magazine is Now Available Online

Dr. Gideon Wasserberg stands in the woods with three of his UNCG students holding nets.

An ambitious obesity study following kids from the womb to preschool, the art of Disney, social entrepreneurship improving lives across NC, cosmodernism, and chiggers and ticks and sand flies (oh my!). Explore our wide-ranging impact in the 2024 issue of UNCG Research magazine.

Undergraduate Researchers Show Their Work at UNCG Expo

A woman walks past a line of poster boards displays in UNCG's Cone Ballroom.

Before the end of the academic year, UNCG students put their research out in front of the community at the Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo, presenting what they’d learned in the humanities, arts, and STEM fields.