Audit a Class at UNCG

Anyone who wants to simply attend a course at UNC Greensboro for no credit is welcome to participate as an auditor. Auditors can participate in courses when space is available and with the approval of the department head and/or the instructor. No credit is involved, no examinations are required, and no grades are reported. Members of the larger community may audit a class at UNCG for $125 per course (65+ who are NC residents or live in NC may audit courses free of charge).

Courses for credit without a degree

Whether you are wishing to explore a graduate program on a part-time basis, renew a teaching licensure, strengthen your graduate application, or simply grow as a student, UNC Greensboro Graduate School welcomes you to take graduate level classes as a non-degree seeking student. Credits earned are recorded in the University Registrar’s Office on an official transcript. learn more

Non-Degree or Special students are students who wish to take courses for the purpose of broadening their cultural interest or purely for their own edification; students taking courses in preparation for application to a program but who are not seeking degree completion with UNCG; or graduates of four-year institutions seeking certification. learn more

Emeritus Society

The goal of the Emeritus Society is to provide stimulating noncredit opportunities for adult learners of all ages. The Society provides a learning environment that affirms the unique attributes that the adult learner brings to the classroom— delight in the joy of learning, intellectual savvy, and substantial life experience. Students are encouraged and supported in pursuing their intellectual interests with like-minded peers. Our college-level courses are designed to satisfy a hunger for intellectual nourishment without the pressure of tests and grades. We invite you to join us.

Executive Education Program

The Bryan School of Business’s Executive Education programs prepare employees to become better problem solvers by challenging them to think innovatively, globally, ethically, and sustainably. The programs train you to become principled leaders who can make broader contributions to your organization both immediately and continually, and help attendees learn how to create positive outcomes for their businesses by approaching contemporary topics with broad-based thinking. The Bryan School offers one of the best values in Executive Education – over 300 organizations and 2,000 managers have benefited from the programs.

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