UNCG’s primary goal is to provide an excellent academic experience to the broadest possible population of students. Access and excellence guide everything we do. We will continue to be the University that educates students to be career-ready and to excel in critical segments of our workforce; we will also maintain a high level of basic, applied, and community-engaged research and creative activity that makes a difference in the lives of its students and their communities.

UNCG provides unparalleled student support and challenging and high-quality academics. The Wall Street Journal recently announced UNCG is No. 1 in North Carolina for social mobility and the student experience. And the New York Times named UNCG #1 in North Carolina for net cost – all in, we are the most affordable institution in the state. UNCG has world renown programs in music, nursing, education, biology, health sciences, dance, counseling, and more. We are proud of our 130+ year legacy and are strengthening the University to be here for another 130 years serving students, the community and the state of North Carolina. Students’ experience at UNCG is a positive one – they know they belong here, are accepted for who they are, and are supported to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Below is an FAQ which we hope answers your questions regarding academic portfolio review.

If you have any questions, please contact Student Affairs at saf@uncg.edu.

Also known as “Academic Portfolio Review,” this process is a best practice in higher education. UNCG completed an Academic Portfolio Review in 2024 and communicated the outcome in the Reinvention and Innovation website. During this process, the faculty, department chairs, deans, and university staff reviewed the performance of each academic program considering factors such as enrollment and student interest/demand, student success and graduation, student credit hour production, scholarly and community distinction and grant funding among other factors.

It’s good practice for higher education institutions to periodically review their academic programs to ensure they have the right mix to meet student needs, to ensure sufficient support of programs, and to remain competitive. As you can imagine over UNCG’s 130+ year history, UNCG has been responsive to the times by adding new programs (computer science didn’t exist 75 years ago and we recently added a concentration in popular music and technology as part of the music program, and a concentration in animation as part of the fine arts program); while others become obsolete or have evolved (e.g. domestic science and administrative science were majors at one point). We need to keep being responsive.

Another reason to review our portfolio has to do with enrollments. UNCG has suffered enrollment losses since the pandemic, which isn’t unusual when you look at regional public universities around the country – it has in fact been the norm. In addition, the state of North Carolina has changed how it funds UNC System institutions, including UNCG. We also expect continued enrollment challenges due to demographic changes and a competitive higher education market. To remain fiscally responsible, and position the University strategically for the next decade, we reviewed our academic programs. Our goal is to offer excellent academic programs that provide a pathway for students to earn their degrees and launch careers right here in North Carolina.

Yes. All currently enrolled students can finish their degree as long as they make satisfactory academic progress in their major. Programs to be discontinued are no longer enrolling new students, effective spring 2024.

Yes. The University is also reviewing administrative areas. The Task Force on Financial Sustainability submitted recommendations to the Chancellor in Fall 2023 for consideration. The Chancellor is considering these recommendations and will share updates throughout the 2023-24 academic year.

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