Computational Mathematics, Ph.D.


This program is no longer accepting new students. Please explore UNCG’s other academic programs.

The Doctor of Philosophy in Computational Mathematics offers students an opportunity to follow a Computational Mathematics track or a Computational Statistics track. 

In the Computational Mathematics track, currently offered dissertation topics include Combinatorics, Control Theory, Differential Equations, Geometric Group Theory, Mathematical Biology, Number Theory, Numerical Analysis, and Computational Topology. 

Choice of dissertation topics in the Computational Statistics track include Design of Experiments, High Dimensional Data Analysis, Nonparametric and Robust Methods, Sampling, Spatial Statistics, and Statistical Genetics.


  • The department offers research opportunities in major areas of research including Combinatorics, Differential Equations, Geometric Group Theory, Number Theory, Mathematical Biology, Statistics, and Topology. 
  • Most of our PhD students receive stipends of $18,000 per year and often receive tuition waivers.
  • Our robust seminar and colloquium schedule brings leading researchers from around the world to UNCG.
  • Our faculty are active researchers and have received grants from the Joseph M. Bryan Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the National Security Agency, NC Quest, the Simons Foundation, and others.


  • This challenging and rigorous program culminates in the defense of an original dissertation that is suitable for publication in a refereed journal.  
  • Our rotating professional mentoring program for PhD students has allowed graduate students to interact with professors and get valuable advice in addition to those given by the Director of Graduate Studies and their advisor. 
  • Monthly Graduate Tea events bring together students and faculty members in an informal setting.


  • The goal of our programs is to train students for the employment they seek and to motivate and guide them to perform beyond what is necessary. Our PhD graduates have joined industry, received tenure-track jobs, some have gone to postdoctoral positions, and some teach at universities.

Program Details

Degree Type: Doctoral

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Program Type: Majors & Concentrations

Class Type: In Person

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