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The Doctor of Philosophy in Information Systems program is designed to prepare students for careers as members of faculty in academic information systems units as well as careers in non-academic research and professional organizations.

Program Distinctions

  • This program provides training in basic and advanced information systems theory and practice so that students master the technical and conceptual tools needed for conducting high-quality information systems research. 
  • Advanced, specialized training is provided in a number of information systems disciplines, such as enterprise resource planning, global information technology, information resource management, artificial intelligence, data mining, data warehousing, e-commerce, knowledge management, and supply chain management. Students acquire expertise that can be applied in a wide range of academic, government, and private sector environments.
  • Current students in this program have an average of two papers published in top journals including Journal of Computer Information Systems (JCIS), Communications of the Association for Information Systems (CAIS), Information and Management (I&M), and Journal of Information System Security (JISSec).

The Student Experience

Students conduct structured and supervised research experiences so that they can develop the technical, conceptual, and communication skills required to conduct high-quality, independent research.

After Graduation

Recent graduates were invited by some top universities for faculty positions including Florida International University, James Madison University, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the University of Toledo, among others.

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Program Details

Degree Type: Doctoral

College/School: Joseph M. Bryan School of Business and Economics

Program Type: Majors & Concentrations

Class Type: In Person,Online

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Graduate Program Director