Liberal and Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A. Archaeology Concentration


The B.A. program in archaeology at UNC Greensboro introduces students to past civilizations and cultures and to the analytical methods, techniques, and theories that archaeologists use to facilitate their study.

This major is designed to take you beyond the classroom and help you develop anthropological, historical, and geographical perspectives in archaeological research, encompassing prehistoric and early historic cultures.


  • Award-winning faculty from anthropology, classical studies, geography, and history teach courses about the archaeology of prehistoric and historic cultures around the globe.
  • The program uniquely crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries between “Old World” and “New World” archaeology and incorporates undergraduate coursework from the geography department on geomorphology and geographic information sciences.
  • Accreditations and affiliations include:


  • Students go beyond the classroom by surveying and excavating sites, drawing features, and sorting and cataloging artifacts. They also study museum collections and analyze and research various sites during summer fieldwork locations in South America, Africa, the Mediterranean, and the Southeastern United States.
  • Students have the opportunity to conduct local research at locations like the Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, the Blandwood Mansion, and more. 
  • UNCG has six archaeology labs where students can assist in faculty-led research and learn the equipment and tools used by working archaeologists.
  • Travel awards are available, enabling students to conduct field research across the region and globe.


  • With a degree in archaeology, students are prepared to work in a cultural resource archaeology firm or environmental company. Advanced training in archaeology, museum studies, cultural resource management, and more is available on the job or through further academic studies.
  • Students gain solid research, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills, applicable for a variety of career paths through the archaeology program. 
  • Some graduates pursue advanced degrees in archaeology programs at universities such as Arizona State University, University of Michigan, University of Memphis, and Florida State University.
  • Potential career paths include:
    • Museum Curator
    • Cultural Resource Lawyer
    • Research Librarian
    • Lab Director
    • Field Technician
    • Project Archaeologist
    • Geographic Information Systems Manager

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