Master of Arts in Teaching, M.A.T. Elementary Education Concentration



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The Master of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in Elementary Education program prepares candidates for a career as an elementary classroom teacher with an initial license in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The program is set up as a cohort model in which you take all of your classes as a team.

This program is designed for people who have a Bachelor’s Degree in another discipline other than education.

Our teaching candidates come from a wide variety of educational backgrounds including communication, business, psychology, political science, etc., as well as a wide variety of careers in retail, engineering, social work, homemakers, etc. The common denominator is a strong interest to teach young students and to have a direct impact on the lives of others.

Program Distinctions

  • Cohort based/team approach
  • Supportive and knowledgeable faculty
  • Teaching methods for all content areas; literacy, math, science, and social studies
  • Research-based methodologies
  • Partnerships with area schools
  • Collaborating with practicing teachers
  • Extensive internship experiences during and beyond traditional school hours
  • School-based practice of classroom management
  • Incorporation of technology and 21st Century Skills
  • Leadership opportunities
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Research opportunities

The Student Experience

Students spend ten (10) hours a week in elementary school classrooms in the fall semester, collaborating with teachers as well as tutoring students and working with parents on a local literacy project. During their final semester, candidates student-teach every day in an elementary classroom.

After Graduation

Graduates of the program are well-prepared for success as classroom teachers, curriculum facilitators, and district level specialists.


Total hours: 33 hours

Core: (6 hours)

  • TED 545 (3) Diverse Learners
  • TED 636 (3) Educational Psychology and Differentiated Instruction

Pedagogical Expertise: (18 hours)

  • TED 641 (3) Literacy I: Reading Instruction
  • TED 518 (3) Mathematics in the Elementary School I
  • TED 519 (3) Science in the Elementary School
  • TED 520 (3) Social Studies in the Elementary School
  • TED 625 (3) Mathematics in Elementary School II 
  • TED 642 (3) Literacy II: Language Arts Instruction

Professional Development/Leadership: (9 hours)

  • TED 680a (6) Clinical Experience in Teaching
  • TED 680b (3) Clinical Experience in Teaching


  • Bachelor’s degree in any field with a GPA of 3.0 or better


  • Successful completion of program of study and student teaching
  • Successful evaluation of all required assessments (Proficiency in North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards and Proficiency in Dispositions) during the Spring and Fall semesters
  • Complete and submit edTPA Portfolio
  • Complete and submit Math and Reading Licensure Exams
    1. Math: Praxis Test 7812 – CKT Math Subtest
    2. Reading: Pearson Test 090 – Foundations of Reading
  • Application for licensure through School of Education Office of Student Success

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