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The Post-Master’s Certificate in School Administration (P.M.C.) at UNC Greensboro is intended for students who already hold a Master’s degree in Education or in a field that is closely affiliated with youth and adult development and who have at least three (3) years teaching or other relevant professional educational experience. It is a 24-27 credit hour program that includes academic coursework and a year-long Internship. The P.M.C. meets the requirements of the state legislation that supports an alternative path to school administration licensure. 

The P.M.C. in School Administration is designed to help build skills to meet the needs of all students and have a significant impact beyond the classroom. Students will learn about being a principal while studying anywhere, anytime in a convenient, first-rate program.

Program Distinctions

  • Meets requirements of North Carolina state legislation for School Administration licensure.
  • The UNC Greensboro School of Education was named one of the 2022 “Top Graduate Schools of Education” by the U.S. News & World Report.

The Student Experience

The Post-Master’s Certificate in School Administration is designed for students with a Master’s in Education or in a closely related field. Students should have at least three years of teaching or other relevant professional educational experience. This program includes a year-long internship.

Required Field Experiences (12 hours)

  • Students are required to complete an internship experience equivalent to one year of full-time administrative field experience.

Capstone Experience

  • To be eligible to receive NC state licensure as a principal, students must submit a Licensure Portfolio to the department for review. The portfolio will include material drawn from the student’s course work and internship and provide documentary evidence of meeting state leadership standards. ELC faculty members will review the student’s portfolio for approval.

After Graduation

Upon program completion, students will be eligible for positions such as:

  • Assistant Principal
  • Principal
  • Executive Director
  • Assistant Superintendent

The U.S. Department of Education requires that all higher education institutions advise students as to whether their curriculum provides them with the eligibility to apply for a professional license and/or certification in the state for which they plan to practice. As such, please review UNC Greensboro’s status by state for the initial teaching license. You should note whether the program either “meets”, “does not meet”, or if there “has not been a determination” of the program’s status in the state for which you plan to practice. Licensure Reciprocity Information

additional information

The UNC Greensboro School of Education’s and Graduate School’s formal admission requirements specify the following for the Post Masters Certificate program:

  • A master’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • A GPA of 3.0 or higher in the master’s degree.

Admissions decisions are based on an applicant’s full set of application materials. All evidence about a prospective student, including the criteria listed above, work experience, letters of reference and recommendations, and the individual’s personal statement will be considered in making admissions decisions. In certain cases, applicants may be granted provisional admission, with a stipulation that they will be granted full admission upon successfully completing a specified number of coursework credits in the program. Faculty members engage in a collaborative, rigorous review of applicants.

The department’s formal admission requirements for a post-masters certificate are the following:

  • Three letters of recommendation with a minimum of one recommendation from a principal/supervisor who has recent knowledge of the applicant’s leadership capabilities and potential;
  • Completion of the District-Verification-for-Principal-Licensure-Candidates-1 document by the school district, agreeing to support the candidate in participating in authentic, action-oriented, service-learning, outcomes-based activities and a year-long internship;
  • Transcripts from all universities attended;
  • A written statement that clearly articulates the applicant’s interest in and potential for school leadership; and addresses the following:
    • Page 1: Briefly detail your professional goals and why you chose ELC
    • Pages 2-4: Respond to 2 of the 3 prompts listed here:
      1. The most critical issue in education today is…
      2. The leadership of a school makes all the difference because…
      3. North Carolina schools could improve by…
    • A resumè that provides detailed information regarding the applicant’s previous professional and leadership experiences, including three years of professional education experience.
    • Applications for the PMC program must be completely submitted by May 15.


Currently, UNC Greensboro is authorized to offer online education in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Find out more about State Authorization — a law that regulates in which states colleges and universities can offer education. UNC Greensboro does not guarantee that programs which fulfill North Carolina licensure requirements will satisfy the criteria of professional licensure boards in other states or territories. For further explanation, visit Professional Licensure.

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Program Type: Graduate Certificate

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