headshot of Aileen Reid

Assistant Professor


Email Address: amreid3@uncg.edu


  • Ph.D., Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation, UNC Greensboro
  • M.S., Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation, UNC Greensboro
  • M.P.A., Health Policy and Management, New York University
  • B.A., Public Policy Studies, Duke University

Research & Publications

Educational measurement and psychometrics, Culturally responsive, STEM, and mixed methods research and evaluation, Program evaluation theory and practice, Higher education and large-scale assessment, Public policy and accountability

Reid, AM. (2020). Applying an educative approach to engage stakeholder values in evaluations of STEM research and education programs. Evaluation Journal of Australasia, 20(2), 103-108.

Reid, A. M., Boyce, A. S., Adetogun, A., Avent, & C., Moller, J. (2020). If not us, then who?: Evaluators of color and social change. In L. C. Neubauer, D. McBride, A. D. Guajardo, W. Casillas & M. Hall (Vol. Eds.). Examining Issues Facing Communities of Color Today: The Role of Evaluation to Incite Change. New Directions for Evaluation, 166, 23-36.

Ishitani, T. T., &; Reid, A. M. (2015). First‐to‐second‐year persistence profile of commuter students. New Directions for Student Services, 2015(150), 13-26.

Berry, C., Kaplan, S. A., Reid, A., &; Albert, S. (2009). The viability of community partnerships initiated by external funders. Public Health Reports, 124(4), 590-593.