Alexander Eger

Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies


Email Address:

Phone: 336.334.3986


PhD, Islamic Archaeology, University of Chicago
M.A. Near Eastern Archaeology, University of Chicago
B.A. Art History, Rutgers University

Courses Taught

  • HIS 207: Empires of the Desert: The Rise of Islamic Civilization
  • HIS209: The Age of Sultans: Power, Patronage, and Art in Islamic Civilization
  • HIS 380: Unearthing Islam’s Past: Art, Archaeology, and History
  • HIS 380: Byzantium: The First Christian Empire
  • THIS 380: he Desert and the Sown: Environmental History of the Near East
  • HIS 380: Antioch through the Ages
  • HIS 390: Summer Archaeological Fieldwork [Study Abroad Internship]
  • HIS 411c: Town and Country in the Medieval Islamic World
  • HIS 414: From Istanbul to Constantinople: A City and its Monuments [team-taught and study abroad]
  • HIS 414: Cyprus & the Medieval Mediterranean: An Island and its Monuments [team-taught study abroad]
  • HIS 414: Frontiers and Borders in the Classical and Medieval Mediterranean World


  • HIS 690: Summer Archaeological Fieldwork (Public History Internship)
  • HIS 709: Archaeology and Nationalism (Introductory Research Seminar)
  • HIS 716: Graduate Colloquium in World History [team-taught]


  • Islamic and Byzantine Archaeology and History
  • Eastern Mediterranean (Anatolia, Syria-Palestine, Cyprus)
  • Landscape and Settlement Archaeology
  • Frontier and Borderlands
  • Environmental History
  • Coastal Archaeology
  • Urban Archaeology and Urban-Rural Relations
  • Legacy Archaeology
  • Public Archaeology, Archaeology of the 19th-20th Centuries (Late Islamic)
  • Ceramics and Production