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Ben Dyson, Ph.D., is an Professor in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Ben is an internationally recognized researcher in Health and Physical Education in the areas of research on innovative curriculum and pedagogy in Health and Physical Education, Cooperative Learning (CL) as a pedagogical practice, and scholarship in Social and Emotional Learning. Ben’s area of scholarship has always involved school-based qualitative research with teachers and with students, which has contributed to the evidence base on effective pedagogy for children’s PE, health, and well-being. He has carried out research and taught at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, the University of New Hampshire, the University of Memphis, and the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Ben has presented at 90 national and international conferences and has published over 80 refereed research articles, editorials, book chapters, and books. Ben served as Program Chair for Research on Learning & Instruction in Physical Education Special Interest Group at the American Education Research Association (AERA) 1999-2002. From 2012-2016 he was the Co-Editor of the Journal of Teaching in Physical Education. In 2017-2020 Ben served as Chair for Research on Learning & Instruction in Physical Education Special Interest Group at AERA. Ben’s work was awarded the “Exemplary Paper Award” from the AERA, Research on Learning and Instruction in Physical Education, in 2011. In 2018 he was re-elected onto the board of the International Association Internationale des Écoles Supérieures d’Éducation Physique (

In his spare time, Ben enjoys hiking, is an avid kayaker, and has recently taken up paddleboarding. He takes time to downhill ski annually and has a road bike that keeps him in shape. Most of his cooking is done on the grill: salmon, lamb, shrimp, and veggie skewers.

Courses Taught

  • KIN 701 Research Topic in Kinesiology
    KIN 716 Mixed Methods in Kinesiology Research
    KIN 717 Qualitative Research Methods in Kinesiology
    KIN 799 Dissertation
    KIN 802 Dissertation Extension


Pedagogy Seminar Reflection, Podcast 174


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