Danielle Crosby

Associate Professor

Human Development and Family Studies

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Email Address: dacrosby@uncg.edu

Phone: 336.334.3362

PhD University of Texas-Austin

Selected Publications

Journal Articles

  • Crosby, D.A., Dowsett, C.J., Gennetian, L.A., & Huston, A.C. (2010). A tale of two methods: Comparing regression and instrumental variables estimates of the effects of preschool child care type on the subsequent externalizing behavior of children in low-income families. Developmental Psychology, 46(5),1030-1048.
  • Kalil, A., & Crosby, D.A. (2010). Welfare leaving and the health of young children in immigrant and native families. Social Science Research, 39(2), 202-214
  • Crosby, D.A. & Hatfield, B. (2008, November). Immigrants’ access to public assistance: Missed opportunities following welfare reform. Zero to Three, 29(2), 31-38.
  • Crosby, D.A. & Hawkes, D.D. (2007). Cross-national research using contemporary birth cohort studies: A look at early maternal employment in the United Kingdom and United States. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 10(5), 379-404.
  • Chang, Y., Huston, A.C., Crosby, D.A., & Gennetian, L.A. (2007). The effects of welfare and employment programs on children’s participation in Head Start. Economics of Education Review, 26, 17-32.

Book Reviews

  • Crosby, D.A. (2008). Just don’t get sick: Access to health care in the aftermath of welfare reform [Book Review]. Journal of Marriage and Family, 70(5), 1326-1329.

Book Chapters

  • Kalil, A. & Crosby, D.A. (2009). Welfare leaving and child health and behavior in immigrant and native families. In M. Fix (Ed.), Immigrant families and children on the 10th anniversary of welfare reform. New York, NY.: Russell Sage.

Under Review and in Preparation

  • Crosby, D.A. & Hatfield, B.E. (under review). Low-income immigrants’ access to public benefits and the health and development of young children.
  • Crosby, D.A. & Hatfield, B.E. (in preparation). Patterns and predictors of benefit use among low-income immigrant parents of young children.
  • Kalil, A., Dunifon, R. & Crosby, D.A. (in preparation). Work hours, work schedules, and the risk of insufficient sleep among mothers and their children.
  • Dunifon, R., Kalil, A., & Crosby, D.A. (in preparation). Uncovering complexity in the measurement of maternal nonstandard work: A research note.