Grecia Navarro

Thriving at Three Program Coordinator

Center for New North Carolinians

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Phone: 336.315.7767

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Grecia Navarro is a proud native of North Carolina and daughter of Mexican immigrants. She is a dedicated advocate for the Hispanic and Latino community, particularly within the education system. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Community Education from the University of North Carolina Greensboro in 2022. 

During her undergraduate years, Grecia demonstrated her commitment to community welfare through an internship at Thriving at Three, where she honed her skills and passion for serving vulnerable populations. Upon graduating, she seamlessly transitioned into the role of Assistant Coordinator at Thriving at Three, and her exceptional leadership and dedication led her to assume the position of Coordinator in November 2022. In her role as Coordinator, Grecia oversees various crucial aspects of the program, including case management, supervision, grant writing, and facilitating programming.  

Outside of work, Grecia actively participates in a Mexican folklorico dance team, where she shares her rich cultural heritage and passion for dance with the community. She finds joy in exploring new places, hiking, and immersing herself in new culinary experiences, driven by her love for cooking and trying new foods.