Jared T. McGuirt

Associate Professor


Email Address: jtmcguir@uncg.edu

Phone: 336.256.0322


Dr. Jared McGuirt was born and raised in rural eastern North Carolina. He has extensive experience developing, implementing, and evaluating community food access programs and policies throughout North Carolina, particularly around local food systems and the retail food environment.

Dr. McGuirt’s primary research interest focuses on evaluating practical and sustainable approaches that improve people’s dietary behaviors within the context of where they live, work, and play. His philosophy is to “meet people where they are” to help them improve their diet.  This includes food environment and food access interventions which often include digital technology-based approaches (including mobile phone applications and virtual reality).  He also aims to understand the influence of the built food environment on shopping, dietary behaviors, and health outcomes using Geographic Information Systems mapping software.  His research is conducted in the retail food environment, urban and rural communities, worksites, and military installations.


Digital technologies for nutrition education and behavior, multi-level community and clinical interventions, food access, retail food environment, GIS and spatial analysis, racial and geographic health disparities, rural health.


  • Using virtual reality to improve youth cardiometabolic health.
  • Using digital technologies to improve worksite dietary behaviors, including military installations.
  • Online grocery shopping innovations to reduce rural health disparities.
  • Geospatial analysis of pandemic and summer school meal site placement.


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