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Information Systems and Supply Chain Management

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Phone: 336.334.4990


Dr. Lakshmi S. Iyer is Professor and Head of the Information Systems and Supply Chain Management department in the Bryan School of Business and Economics at University of North Carolina Greensboro. She recently served as Interim Associate Dean of Graduate Programs & Research and Director of the Master of Science in Applied Data Analytics in the Walker College of Business at Appalachian State University. Her research interests are in the area of emerging technologies & its impact on organizations and users, and social inclusion in IS. Her research work has been published in the Journal of the AIS, Communications of the AIS, European Journal of Information Systems, Communications of the ACM, Decision Support Systems, Information Systems Frontier, Information Technology & People, Journal of Computer Information Systems, Science of the Total Environment and others. She is Board Chair for the Association of Information System’s (AIS) Special Interest Group Decision Support and Analytics (SIGDSA). She received the Hugh J. Watson Award that honors and recognizes an individual whose significant achievements and high-quality contributions to the data and analytics academic community. She is also the president for the AIS College of Academic Leadership. She is an Associate Editor for the Decision Support Systems journal.  She is Co-PI on the ImPACT IT grant funded by NSF that focuses on advancing women to full-professor positions in IS academia.


  • Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Terry College of Business at The University of Georgia (Athens, GA).
    Major: Management Science and Information Technology; Minor: Computer Science. May 1997.
  • M.S. in Industrial Engineering from The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL).
    Minor: Computer Science. December 1991.
  • B.E.(Honors) in Chemical Engineering from Bangalore University (Bangalore, India).
    National Merit Scholar. April 1989.


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