Lenka H. Shriver



Email Address: lhshrive@uncg.edu

Phone: 336.256.0320


Dr. Shriver’s research is concentrated in the area of child nutrition/obesity and nutrition & exercise. Her research efforts target a variety of social, behavioral and environmental factors that impact dietary intakes and obesity risk among children. Specifically, her research examines how parenting style, feeding practices and household food availability influence dietary intakes and weight status among children of various ages, from preschoolers to adolescents.

Dr. Shriver’s recent efforts are focused on the development of effective nutrition interventions for parents and teachers of low-income Hispanic preschoolers. This research aims to increase the positive feeding practices and feeding styles used by parents and preschool teachers to create optimal feeding environments both at home and at preschool. Because low-income minority families experience significant health disparities, Dr. Shriver plans to continue her efforts with these vulnerable populations in the future. Much of her work on childhood obesity is multidisciplinary. She collaborates closely with experts from human development and family sciences, psychology and exercise science and she publishes her work regularly in multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Shriver’s research efforts in the area of child nutrition and obesity are supported by close collaborations with Head Start and other programs in the community.


  • Child nutrition & childhood obesity
  • Nutrition & exercise


  • Influences of feeding practices, parenting style and emotion regulation on dietary intake and weight status in preschool-aged children
  • Parental weight concerns and body esteem in young children
  • Disordered eating and emotion regulation in female athletes


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