Dr. Michaeline Jensen headshot.

Assistant Professor


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Email Address: mrjensen@uncg.edu


Ph.D. Psychology, Arizona State University
M.A. Psychology, Arizona State University
B.A. Psychology, University of Arizona


​Michaeline Jensen’s research leverages novel methodological techniques and mobile communication technologies to better understand the role of relationships in the development of adolescent mental health and substance use. She examines the roles of parents, peers, neighborhoods, and cultural values in youth internalizing, externalizing, and substance use, with an emphasis on development and evaluation of family-focused prevention programming for Latino families. Increasingly, social connections are occurring not just face to face, but through mobile phones and online. Michaeline’s research recognizes this shift in communication patterns; she is utilizing mobile phones and the wealth of information contained therein in to elucidate the role of technology in relationship maintenance, mental health, and substance use among young people and to assess and uncover social-communication processes that researchers often struggle to accurately assess via traditional self-report.

Courses Taught

  • Psychology 275: Introduction to Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology 370: Ethnicity, Development, and Psychopathology
  • Psychology 728: Theory and Methods of Intellectual Assessment
  • Psychology 735J: Developmental Psychopathology of Substance Use
  • Psychology 745: Multicultural Issues in Clinical Psychology

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