Shreeniwas Sudha


Human Development and Family Studies

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

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Phone: 336.256.0269

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Ph.D., University of Michigan

Recipient of the 2023 Mary Settle Sharp teaching award.


My research interests focus on adults and older persons. I examine how familial and societal contexts influence health and well being over the life course, especially among ethnic minority immigrants and refugees in the US. I am also interested in how participatory arts affects wellbeing among seniors with cognitive symptoms.

I look at gender differences in health care use and health outcomes in India. Most of my work is interdisciplinary, and is based on Community Engaged Participatory Action Research methodology. For more information about my work, please click on the appropriate part of the image below.

I welcome graduate and undergraduate students interested in the associations between Family Relationships and Health, and those who want to gain exposure to community-engaged approaches and mixed research methods. Please contact me if you are interested in my ongoing projects or in my research group.


Arts on Prescription is a type of social prescribing where healthcare and other practitioners write prescriptions for patients or clients to participate in non-medical activities and programs (arts in this case). Arts participation at any level of ability has documented benefits for people of all ages. Social prescribing programs might promote arts participation and reduce health care costs.


These community-engaged, multi-disciplinary, participatory projects examine the needs of refugee older adults in the Greensboro area. Although there are needs assessments for the general older population in adjacent counties, no such assessments have been conducted for refugee older adults. The Greensboro and Piedmont Triad areas have substantial numbers of diverse refugees resettled in the area. However, the needs of older refugees are often ignored, gaps that we address.

Selected Publications

Note: As of 1996 I publish under the name S. Sudha
My Scholarly Profile

Edited Volumes

  • Mutran, E. J. and Sudha S. (2001). Research on Aging [Special Issue: Aging and Health in a Multiethnic Society].

Recent Peer Reviewed Journal Articles

*Undergraduate student co-authors; **Graduate student co-authors; #Community partner co-authors

  • S. Sudha, #N. Khadka, (2022). A community engaged exploratory study investigating the risk of elder abuse and neglect in two refugee communities in Greensboro, North Carolina Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect 34(4) Involves community engagement
  • ** G. Bani Melhem, D. Wallace, J. Adams, R. Ross, S. Sudha, (2022). Predictors of Advance Care Planning Engagement among Muslim Community-Dwelling Adults Living in the United States the Journal of Hospice and Palliative Nursing 24(3) June 2022 DOI: 10.1097/NJH.0000000000000690
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Book Chapters and Encyclopedia Entries

*Undergraduate student co-authors; **Graduate student co-authors; #Community partner co-authors

  • S. Sudha and S. D. Morrison (2022). We are not all “Model”: Health of older Asian Refugees in the United States forthcoming in Springer Handbook of Aging, Health, and Public Policy: Springer Singapore
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Research Reports

  • Sudha S., Morrison S.D., **Adegbesan I., **Al-Amin S., **Birabwa J., *Baity A. (2021) Needs Assessment of older adults in two refugee communities in Greensboro: A detailed report Department of Human Development and Family Studies and Department of Public Health Education, University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Submitted to CNNC, UNCG-ICEE, and PTRC-AAA.
  • Sudha and #N. Khadka (2020)Knowledge of and resources for elder abuse and neglect in diverse language refugee communities in Greensboro, NC,Technical Report submitted to CDLC UNCG, and to Institute for Peace and Harmony, Greensboro NC
  • Sudha, L. Miller, J. D. Labban (2018)“From pain to paint”: a systematic evaluation of ARTmail for Alzheimer’s, a structured participatory visual arts program for seniors with cognitive symptoms”Final Research Product Report for the NEA grant 15-3800-7013 submitted to the National Endowment for the Arts
  • Sudha, S. Morrison, A. Young,H Adrong (2016)“This is health for all!”Technical report of the 2016 Montagnard Health Fair planned and conducted by the Montagnard Health Disparities Network submitted to the CDLC, UNCG.
  • Sudha. (2014).Report on event titled “How Far Is Too Far? Raising Awareness On Sexual Assault Among South Asian Immigrants in North Carolina”North Carolina: Kiran Inc. organized by Kiran Inc, March 2014.
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