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Pronouns: He/Him/His

Email Address: t_chu2@uncg.edu


A personal Introduction

Dr. Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu’s journey into the world of sport psychology began with a fascination for the mental part of sports when he was a five-sport high school athlete in Hong Kong. As he had his ups and downs in different sports, he noticed the important roles that coaches, teammates, and parents played in his motivation to train and his ability to compete at his highest level.

At one point, Dr. Chu lost his motivation for his main sport – table tennis – but his college coach and teammates created an environment that supported him to not only play through college but also become the captain and help the team win the college championship in Hong Kong. That experience propelled Dr. Chu’s pursuit of graduate studies and a career in sport psychology in the U.S., as well as his research on individual and social factors that influence an athlete’s motivation and performance.

To practice what he preaches, he is still actively involved in sports as a competitive table tennis (not the basement “ping pong”!) player and an internationally certified coach. 


  • Ph.D. in Educational Psychology with a concentration in Sport Pedagogy, University of North Texas 
  • M.Ed. in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Career and Sport Psychology, University of Missouri 
  • B.Soc.Sc in Psychology, City University of Hong Kong 


Dr. Alan Chu, Ph.D., CMPC, ISSP-R., is an Associate Professor of Applied Sport Psychology in the Department of Kinesiology. While he has passionately educated undergraduate and graduate students in kinesiology and psychology, his current teaching focuses on graduate courses in the Applied Sport Psychology Master’s Program.  

Beyond teaching and research on motivation, Dr. Chu is also a Certified Mental Performance Consultant who works with athletes and coaches across sports on mental skills training (e.g., imagery, mindfulness). He is an active member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, the American Psychological Association (Division 47), and the International Society of Sport Psychology. Dr. Chu serves on multiple committees of these organizations, the editorial board of the Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, and the Coaching Committee of the National Collegiate Table Tennis Association. 

Dr. Chu’s commitment to helping people from diverse backgrounds find joy, motivation, and success has been a driving force throughout his teaching, research, and practice. 


Recognized as a Self-Determination Theory International Scholar, Dr. Chu conducts both quantitative and qualitative research on individual and social factors that influence motivation, performance, and well-being. His recent research topics include: 

  • Mindfulness and self-compassion interventions for youth and collegiate athletes 
  • Influences of coaches, parents, siblings, and peers on high school athletes’ motivation 
  • Motivational and psychological skill profiles across sports and demographics 
  • Roles of intersectionality (i.e., intersecting identities) in sport psychology 
  • Coaching/teaching strategies that enhance athlete/student motivation, engagement, and well-being 

For further information about Dr. Chu’s research and publications, please visit his profiles on ResearchGate and Google Scholar