First Day Complete: Startin’ like a Spartan

Posted on June 14, 2022

Students read their textbooks inside bookstore at EUC

UNC Greensboro is excited to announce UNCG First Day Complete, a new course material delivery program for undergraduate students that provides access to required course materials in a convenient package before the first day of class.

With this new program, all required course materials are included as a course charge of $20 per credit hour. This represents savings of 35-50 percent.

UNCG recognizes that having equitable and affordable access to course materials starting day one of classes is important to a student’s success. This program is a step to provide all UNCG students with that opportunity. “UNCG First Day Complete” will have undergraduates “Startin’ like a Spartan.”

All undergraduate students are initially signed up for the program and will see a line item on their bill to account for their costs. Each student has the choice to stay in the program or not.

To determine if the program is right for them, students should look at their schedule of classes and then multiply the number of credit hours by $20.

For example: 15 credit hours x $20/credit hour = $300 for all required course materials (digital and physical).

This program will begin with the Fall 2022 term. Students who believe the cost will be less by purchasing the required course materials some other way can opt out by going to the UNC Genie site, then clicking on the icon for “UNCG First Day Complete.” They can always opt back in by the deadline date of August 29, 2022.

How it works

  • Students register for classes and their “First Day Complete” charges automatically appear on their bill.
  • One month before classes start, they will receive an email instructing them to review their courses and choose how to receive their materials.
  • The UNCG Bookstore will prepare their course materials in a convenient package.
  • They will receive an email notification when their order is ready for pickup at the UNCG Bookstore or when it ships, depending on their choice. Shipping is free!
  • Digital materials will be delivered within Canvas.
  • When their courses are over, the UNCG Bookstore will send them helpful reminder emails to return rental course materials.

UNCG is excited to offer this convenient, affordable way to all students getting all course materials. 
For more information about the program, visit


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