The Week That Was…A Week At The G

Posted on November 02, 2023

Dancer kicks her leg up as she practices outdoors in front of a big oak tree.
Laniya Smith's winning photo will appear on a Gate City Boulevard billboard.

It may have felt like a typical week at UNC Greensboro, but thanks to a special project spearheaded by University Communications, October 15-21 is now preserved in a collection of photography that depicts the life and vibrancy of our campus life. 

Snapshots of Campus Life 

This was the second A Week at the G, following a hiatus after the initial event in 2019. Organizers asked department communicators to submit requests to photograph their areas of campus and students, faculty, and staff were encouraged to submit photos each day to build the catalog of UNCG photography. Professional and amateur photographers captured everyday moments and major events, like the Homecoming bonfire.  

Thanks to all who participated, the number of photo submissions, arresting subject matter captured, and general display of beauty at UNCG did not disappoint. Each photo illustrates a different perspective of life on campus. Here’s a recap of some of the scenes of A Week at the G. 

And the Winner is… 

After a social media vote of favorite student and faculty submitted photos, a clear winner rose to the top. Congratulations to Laniya Smith whose winning photo will appear on a billboard on Gate City Boulevard this month.  

Smith is a fourth year dance major who captured her friend, Clara Kennedy, rehearsing under a campus oak tree. They were taking photos for the Fall Dances poster, but when Smith was editing the shots, she knew it should be submitted for A Week at the G.  

“We got lots of photos but this one caught my eye the most,” Smith recalls. “When I sent it to Clara, she responded with, ‘this one eatssss’. We are both stoked that it’s going on the billboard.” 

To see all of the submitted photos, visit A Week at the G and peruse the pages for each day. You’ll be amazed at the small, behind-the-scenes moments and larger-than-life affairs that made up A Week at the G. Here’s a sampling of our favorite photos. 

Animals & Nature at the G  

Engaging Classes of the G  

Student Projects at the G 

Campus Beauty of the G 

Bodies in Motion at the G  

Artistic Perspectives of the G 

Poignant Connections at the G 

Story by Becky Deakins, University Communications. 
Videography by Grant Gilliard & David Lee Row, University Communications. 
Photography courtesy of A Week at the G photographers.  

Students walk through a street crossing at UNCG while a car waits at a red light.

Each week, UNCG’s campus churns with learning, creativity and connections.


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