UNC Greensboro Extends Commitment Deadline For Admitted First Year Students

Posted on March 25, 2024

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UNC Greensboro, in alignment with other institutions in the UNC System and many nationally, has chosen to extend the commitment deadline for its admitted first-year students to May 15. This decision was made in response to the late federal rollout of the new Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and subsequent nationwide delays in processing students’ financial aid awards. 

Traditionally, National College Decision Day falls on May 1. However, without financial aid information, students and families are having a hard time assessing their college choices.

“We understand the unprecedented challenges students and families are facing during this year’s college decision-making process. It is essential that we allow adequate time for admitted students to evaluate their options and make informed decisions about their college journey,” said Erin Slater, director of undergraduate admissions at UNC Greensboro. “Extending the commitment deadline to May 15 allows us to accommodate the challenges brought about by delays in the financial aid process.”

The UNCG Office of Admissions staff remains committed to serving the best interests of future students and is dedicated to providing them with a seamless transition into college life. Admitted students are able to take important steps, like registering for orientation and signing up for housing, before providing their official commitment decision. 

“We want to assure students that their transition to college is our utmost priority,” added Slater. “We’re working diligently to provide the necessary assistance every step of the way.”

Students are encouraged to mark May 15 on their calendars as the new commitment deadline and to take actions like securing housing and orientation in the meantime. UNCG’s Office of Admissions staff is available to address any questions or concerns students and families may have. The university will continue to keep incoming students closely informed of all developments leading up to the commitment deadline.

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