UNC Greensboro

Friends with math

Our 2022 Senior Research Excellence Award winner is lauded for his differential equations work and as an academic mentor.

Take your child to camp: Esports

Partnering with the nationally-renowned company Black Rocket, kids get to explore YouTube content creation, build their own Roblox games, and try our level-editing and 3D modeling. UNCG employees are offered a $60 discount.

UNCG Data Governance launches Collibra

UNCG has an exciting new tool that will help the campus community with data integrity. Faculty and staff can log in, test it out, and give feedback.

Journey to wholeness: Providing hope and healing

Dr. Kelly Oschwald came to UNCG looking for a career path that would promote health and wellness. Her holistic approach to orthopedic and pelvic health therapy is improving the lives of North Carolinians.

UNCG Equestrian Team Clears Jump To Nationals

Two UNC Greensboro Equestrian team members made it all the way to the national championship. A big jump for one member who wasn’t even scheduled to compete in the Zones competition – until a call from her coach changed everything.

Change in leadership for College of Arts & Sciences

Associate Dean Dayna Touron has accepted a new position. She joined UNCG as an assistant professor of psychology in 2007, and proved to be an impactful leader throughout her time at the University’s largest academic unit.

GCSTOP saves lives while teaching students lessons

Established in 2018, GCSTOP received the 2023 Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties. It is a partnership program between UNC Greensboro and Guilford County that focuses on harm reduction.