Beck Foster Charts His Course 

Posted on April 24, 2023

Photo of Beck Foster in scrubs.

From a young age, Greensboro native and School of Nursing student Beck Foster knew he wanted to enter the medical field. 

“Mom was a labor and delivery nurse. Dad was an anesthesiologist. Growing up, I was always hearing things about the hospital and my parents’ work. It made me curious. I started looking things up and discovering where my interest was sparked.” 

It’s not a surprise then that Foster pursued a similar path to not only his parents, but also his three siblings, excelling at patient communication and thriving within UNCG’s nursing community. 

It Started With the Family 

Beck Foster, a student in the School of Nursing, with his three siblings.
Beck Foster, a student in the School of Nursing, with his three siblings.

When Foster graduates from UNCG this spring, he will become the fourth sibling to do so. 

His sister Emma and twin brothers Sam and Isaac all earned their bachelor of science in nursing (BSN) degrees from UNCG’s School of Nursing and have either completed or are in pursuit of their doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree with a concentration in nurse anesthesia from UNCG. 

Ties to nursing, UNCG, and Greensboro clearly run deep in Foster’s family; however he wasn’t initially sure which nursing career path to pursue. After discussing with his siblings and doing research, he quickly realized the multitude of ways you can serve in nursing. 

He did know he liked the intensive care unit (ICU) – all of his siblings had worked there – but it wasn’t until his Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist summer internship when he found his place. 

A Gift For Helping People 

“During my internship, I was able to experience the trauma ICU floor. In nursing school, you only see the good aspects of different fields,” Foster says. “But actually working in the space, I saw the different traumatic events that could happen. Being able to help people when they are in shock is what got me into this path.” 

Foster realized during his internship that nurses are there to support the patient, advocate for them and their family, and ensure both are cared for. He also learned how communication is key during a traumatic situation. As an outgoing and talkative young man, Foster feels well-suited for this role. 

“You have to show compassion. Put yourself in the patient’s shoes. I’ve always been good at communicating with people and making friends easily. You’ve just got to be there for them,” says Foster. 

Being able to help the patient and see his own impact with patients is what Foster enjoys most about nursing. 

Building a UNCG Community 

A supportive, diverse group of students experiencing the same personal and professional stressors, all with a similar interest in the human body, is how Foster describes his UNCG nursing community. 

“Everyone has been very open. We talk about our problems. Every week we would try to get together and have a movie night,” says Foster. 

He particularly appreciated advice from the students who are part of UNCG’s Veterans Access Program. Typically older and with military backgrounds, these students would offer counsel from their life experiences to help mentor the younger students. Overall, it was a community of support. 

Foster offers some advice for future nursing students: “The biggest thing you can do is believe in yourself. If you have a passion for nursing, go for it. Also, get experience. Work in a hospital and test your communication skills with patients – make sure nursing is for you.” 

Foster also believes in seeking other activities outside of school that help you stand out or give you enjoyment. For him, that’s being outdoors, hunting or fishing, or removing his stressors in the gym. “It’s my time to focus on myself and make myself better,” says Foster. 

Looking to the Future 

Photo of Beck Foster in hospital hallway.

Following his internship, Foster secured a position as a nurse tech at Wake Forest Baptist on the trauma ICU floor, further honing his skills and gaining experience. He’s now accepted a full-time position as an RN with the hospital following graduation. 

Foster says once he feels comfortable, he will pursue a DNP and become a certified registered nurse anesthetist, which comes as no surprise, considering the paths of his sister and brothers. 

“My goal right now is to be a competent ICU nurse helping patients and their families through difficult situations. Then, I would like to go to CRNA school. Who knows? Maybe I’ll work with my siblings. Maybe we’ll start our own thing.” 

Foster leaves UNCG following in his family’s medical footsteps, with a solid educational foundation, a full-time job secured, and a strong community of friends. 

Photo of Beck Foster in the lab.


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Story by Amy Burtch, AMBCopy
Photography by Sean Norona, University Communications
Videography by David Row, University Communications


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