Campus To Center Stage: UNCG Student Shines On Broadway

Posted on August 17, 2023

Dasia Amos

UNC Greensboro senior Dasia Amos calls herself a huge Michael Jackson fan and now she’s telling his life story on the Broadway stage in “MJ: The Musical” at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York City.

Amos is part of the ensemble in the Tony award winning jukebox musical that tells the story of the King of Pop through his music. She also has a small speaking role as Suzanna de Passe, the Motown executive who discovered The Jackson 5.

“This is my dream role,” says Amos, who is studying dance with a minor in musical theatre. “This is more than I could have ever imagined.”


In the spring, Amos submitted an audition video through “Playbill” dancing to Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal.” She says submitting the video was a long shot since the show’s producers don’t watch every submission. But after finals at UNCG – Amos got an email from her agent asking if she could rush to New York for an in-person audition. The musical was looking for a “vacation swing,” – a performer who will come on the show temporarily.

Amos in front of the Neil Simon Theatre after her debut in “MJ: The Musical”

Amos auditioned alongside a dozen other performers, which involved learning three to four dance combinations from the musical. She also had to show off her vocal abilities – singing Alicia Key’s “No One.”

“I feel like her key, her tone, and the way her songs are written suits my voice best, so I always go to her,” Amos says. “I also wanted to do a pop song because it’s a pop musical.”


It was the right choice – Amos got a call back the next day. This time, it was just her and four other performers.

“We had the director, the choreographer, and about half of the creative team for the show in the room and I was shaking in my boots,” says Amos.

The shaking turned to dancing – impressively at that, because the next day Amos landed the role. It wasn’t temporary either – she earned a spot as a permanent swing in the show, but she needed to be in New York in three days to start rehearsals.

Amos quickly packed her bags, moved in with a UNCG alum in Brooklyn, and learned the entire musical in two weeks, just in time for her Broadway debut.

“It was insane, beautiful, and crazy,” she says of her debut. “The theater was full, and with the hype of MJ and Broadway, it felt so high stakes. It’s hard not to be happy and excited on stage, but this show is so tiring. The ensemble is on stage for about 90% of the show.”


A group of UNCG dancers poses
Amos was part of a group of UNCG dancers who advanced to the American Collegiate Dance Association national festival with their original choreography.

When looking at universities, the Greensboro-native originally wanted to attend college far from home. A dance teacher convinced her to give UNCG a shot and she started as a drama major – planning to transfer out the next year. But after auditioning with the School of Dance – she fell in love.

“The faculty are super nice, resourceful, and the dance studios are beautiful,” she says. “I also love how diverse the university is, there are so many artists around UNCG.”

It was the College of Visual and Performing Arts that gave Amos the confidence to audition. At UNCG, she performed in three 2021-22 School of Theatre musicals including “Rock of Ages,” “Wild Party,” and “SpongeBob SquarePants.”

“What I did at UNCG in those shows and the preparation I had to do for the audition, it trained my brain to be as professional as possible,” says Amos, who also credits the concerts she’s performed in with the School of Dance. In Spring 2023, Amos was part of a group of dancers who advanced to the American Collegiate Dance Association national festival.


Not only were faculty key to Amos’ success in the classroom, but they helped her professionally by understanding the needs of a working, auditioning performer, and the value of real-world experience. She often turns to her professor Dominick Amendum, the coordinator of the musical theatre program, for advice.

“I felt very supported and prepared going into an audition thanks to the help of UNCG,” says Amos.

Amos now performs in the ensemble every night – eight shows per week. But there’s still room for growth, she says. Her musical theatre musicianship course got her on the path to reading music – a skill she is actively working on.

“I’m just super grateful for this opportunity,” Amos says. “I thank God and my family for all the support they’ve given me. I’m excited to see where this leads me. This company is crazy beautiful. The spirits that are within these humans are just very pure, honest, and everyone welcomed me.”

Story by Avery Craine Powell, University Communications
Photography by David Row, University Communications and courtesy of Dasia Amos

Crowd of actors dressed in period suits and dresses sing onstage.



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