May and June updates for the Next Generation Website Project

Posted on June 15, 2021

This article is part of a series of regular updates on the process of creating the new University website, As teams across campus work on preparing content to migrate to the new site, the goal is to keep prospective students top of mind as the intended audience.

May 2021:
In consultation with our website design vendor, VisionPoint Marketing, the Next Generation Web Project (NGWP) has concentrated on the technical needs of the new website. The ITS Digital Engagement Platforms team is overseeing the development of each web page template and their components to ensure that site managers are not required to have development nor design skills to keep their webpages up to date. The templates and components are being developed in a WordPress feature called Gutenberg Blocks, which will allow content managers to build a page layout by selecting the desired components and then adding the content – text, images, and video – that bring the pages to life. 

A key technical need is to determine who needs editorial permission – and for which pages – within the new site. In May, content team members were asked to share the names of those within their business or academic unit who will need access to content in the new site. The rule of thumb for determining content managers is: “If you own this content now, you will own it in the future too.” Thus, the NGWP is working to ensure those current content curators and managers will continue to be able to access their content at For example, colleges and schools will develop program pages for and will have access to each of their programs’ pages to develop the content needed to support enrollment into their programs. 

June 2021:
Content teams are writing the first draft of webpage content for the new site and identifying images and other visual assets for each page. University Communications liaisons will review the first draft copy to ensure that message and tone remain on brand and consistent as multiple writers develop webpage copy. Due to a change in personnel, there will be a shift in content liaisons in July, and those teams affected have been contacted by their new liaison. Because the web is always evolving and content needs to keep pace with what is happening at the University, content teams are also tracking content changes that will need to be implemented from the first draft to the launch of the new site. 

The new site navigation will include an “Arts” link, and conversations regarding page content and how to display it have begun. Many thanks to Dean John Kiss, Dean bruce mcclung, and Vice Chancellor Cathy Akens for their listening tour participant recommendations, and an advanced note of gratitude to those faculty and staff members who will develop the “Arts” and “Campus Life and Resources” pages in the coming weeks. 

Stay in touch with the project’s timeline, designs, frequently asked questions and more by visiting the Next Generation Web Project page


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