Next Generation Website to receive technical components

Posted on January 24, 2022

The Next Generation Website Project (NGWP) will receive all of the technical components for the new primary site on Feb. 4, 2022. This is a monumental milestone, because ITS will then be able to test the components used to build the new website. While testing and subsequent improvements are expected to last a month, once approved, the components will be ready for content and technical team training and then site-building. 

January 2022

NGWP activity in January included many behind-the-scenes technical development requirements including establishing integrations with existing systems, such as the UNCG Directory. The project also launched an editorial review of the new webpages content with RLF Communications. The editorial review is to assure the message and tone of each page is consistent across the many writers and upholds the University’s brand editorial standards. Content team members, including page assignees, will continue to have access to the draft pages as editing occurs. The editorial review will begin with undergraduate program pages.

Look ahead

In addition to receiving and testing the technical components during the month of February, component training will be developed. Once complete, the NGWP team will provide the training to web tech leads and content team members so they will be prepared to build their respective areas of the website in the future. 
To learn about the NGWP timeline, review content training sessions, see the webpage designs and more visit:


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