Students viewing midterm grades this week

Posted on September 20, 2022

Two students look up information on their laptops and textbooks.

A notice went out to students this week telling them how they can view their midterm grades on UNCG Genie as a benchmark for how their classes are progressing. Students were told those grades will be posted by September 23, with a request for them to review their scores and talk to their instructors about how these grades impact their current trajectory and what they can do to earn the grade they want to achieve in the course.

Based on these current grades (which will not be reflected on their final score or transcript), students may ask to schedule meetings with faculty members and advisors to map out their next steps towards an academic success.

Spartan Central breaks down the midterm grade process for students, so that they can fully understand their progress in class and access the many resources that UNC Greensboro offers to help them succeed.


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