Dr. Mathieu Despard

Posted on March 06, 2020

photo of mathieu despard

Dr. Mathieu Despard (Social Work) received new funding from Washington University in St. Louis for the project “Common Cents Lab.”

The purpose of the overall project is to plan and implement a total of nine (9) field experiments to test behavioral interventions aimed at improving the financial health of low- and moderate-income individuals. It will be completed by the Social Policy Institute (SPI) of Washington University in St. Louis through a subcontract with the Duke University Center for Advanced Hindsight. Dr. Despard will serve as a Co-PI for the project, working as part of a SPI research team to solicit and review research experiment proposals from organizations, conduct behavioral diagnoses to identify leverage points for behavioral interventions, design behavioral interventions with research partner organizations, design experimental evaluations, analyze data, and write reports summarizing findings. Dr. Despard has a Visiting Scholar faculty appointment with Washington University in St. Louis.


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