Open Hearts on National TRIO Day 2023

Posted on March 03, 2023

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TRIO is a set of federally-funded college–based educational opportunity outreach programs that motivate and support students from low-income backgrounds – including military veterans and students with disabilities.

Although National TRIO Day of Service is recognized on February 24, Students and graduates from UNCG participated in the 2023 National TRIO Day of Service on February 4 to express appreciation to the community for its support of the TRIO programs.

UNCG TRIO students gathered to create Valentine’s day cards to send to a local nursing home. The event came as a bonding experience for students in the program to learn to express love while serving their community.

Valentines day card on a desk.

For millions of students from low-income families who strive to be the first in their families to attend and graduate from college, seven federally funded programs called TRIO are making a world of difference.

TRIO is distinct from student financial aid programs which help students overcome financial barriers to higher education. TRIO also provides valuable supportive services that benefit their academics.

The UNCG Office of TRIO programs currently houses Student Support Services (SSS) Classic, SSS STEM-Health Sciences which provide students with supplemental academic support like tutoring, advising, and skills development to help students graduate, and the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program that prepares undergraduate students for a doctoral degree.

Today more than 1,000 colleges, universities, and community agencies host more than 2,800 TRIO projects that serve more than 800,000 young people and adults. TRIO serves students of all racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Story by Dana Broadus

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