CSC 100: The Beauty and Joy of Computing

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Note: Many of these are links that were carried over from the Spring 2014 class, and are being updated with new material for Spring 2017. It's a work in progress!

The following links are to additional information that is useful to students in CSC 100 (The Beauty and Joy of Computing). These links are a few sources of information, but don't restrict yourself to just these links! Follow your curiosity! See what you can discover!

CS Principles, The Beauty and Joy Class, and Snap!

  • College Board CS Principles page -- information on the College Board plans for this class as an AP class, including links to the AP Curriculum Framework document
  • CS Principles project web site
  • UC Berkeley CS10: This is the Berkeley class that is the inspiration for our class. It's not exactly the same, but there are probably things at the Berkeley class that you would find interesting.
  • Snap! project

For Freshman (or anyone else who wants to succeed in college!)

Lecture-Related Resources

Blown to Bits

  • Blown To Bits - the web site for the Blown to Bits, including a full online copy

Relevant to Chapter 1

Information Relevant to Particular Class Topics

Artificial Intelligence Videos and Information

On Learning and College

  • Richard Feynman on Education in Brazil - experiences of Richard Feynman, nobel prize winner in Physics (and all around interesting genius), on the education system in Brazil, and the difference between knowing facts and learning a subject