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We are currently seeking undergraduate research assistants to help us with several projects in Summer and Fall, 2014. Click here for more information.

The DUCK lab  congratulates our very own Naomi Chatley for winning the 2013 Outstanding Thesis Award  for "The Development of the Enactment Effect: Examining Individual Differences in Executive Function to Predict Increased Memory for Action". A special thanks to all the parents and children who volunteered for this study, and contributed to the science that helped Naomi' win this award!

Congratulations to Naomi  Chatley for winning the Jean Piaget Society Pete Pufall Student Travel Award. This award will assist Naomi in her presentation of DUCK lab research at the annual meeting of the Jean iaget Society in San Francisco this May!

If you are a parent and interested in signing up for our database, please visit  uncg.edu/~mdlab/signup
Welcome to the DUCK Lab!

The DUCK Lab was established by Dr. Janet Boseovski and Dr. Stuart Marcovitch of the Psychology Department at University of North Carolina at Greensboro. We conduct studies of cognitive and social development in infants and children at our campus laboratory, as well as in preschools and schools. Our research enables us to learn about basic developmental processes, and our findings have important implications for educational policies and programs that are aimed at improving children's lives.
Information for prospective undergraduate and graduate students

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