UNC Greensboro

Early Childhood Development & Education, B.S. Birth Through Kindergarten Teacher Licensure Concentration

woman plays with blocks with child.

The Early Childhood Development and Education undergraduate program at UNC Greensboro prepares students to work with infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners with and without disabilities and their families. Students will have the option to focus on young children’s development in their diverse cultural, school, and family contexts. This degree prepares … Continued

Program Evaluation, P.B.C.

Dr. Aileen Reid, seated right, holds a discussion with a group of students.

The Program Evaluation, P.B.C. is premised on the professional association evaluator competencies to equip current and future evaluators a breadth of understanding of culturally-responsive and social justice focus requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct evaluations in any discipline. Our certificate in program evaluation will prepare students to lead program … Continued

History, B.A. Public History Concentration

female student wearing UNCG History shirt points at informational banners in a park

The public history concentration at UNC Greensboro prepares students for careers and graduate study in public history or museum studies, including at historic sites, history museums, community organizations, nonprofits, and more. This is an exciting and growing field, and UNCG’s History Department has a nationally recognized public history focus. Students … Continued

Add-On Licensure in Deaf and Hard of Hearing

A teacher works closely with a young student

The Add-On Licensure in Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program offers professional preparation and training in the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing students to persons already possessing a North Carolina teaching license in another area and who have at least two years of teaching experience. The program will lead to … Continued

Add-On Licensure in Elementary Science

UNCG student and young visitor looking at a glass beaker at UNCG’s annual Science Everywhere Festival.

Candidates in the elementary science add-on licensure program will meet standards and competencies through successful completion of five science education courses (15 credit hours). Candidates will receive a K-6 add-on licensure in science as approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education. All courses are online. Applicants for this … Continued

Human Health Sciences, B.S.

Students, faculty look at mannequin.

UNCG’s Human Health Sciences bachelor of science degree prepares graduates for success in entry-level allied health-related industries or to be competitive applicants for allied health-related graduate programs. Students in the program will be introduced to a wide range of allied health careers and pathways to position them for success in … Continued

Instructional Technology and Design, M.S.

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Instructional Technology and Design is a fully online program offered for people who want to work as instructional technology professionals in K-12, and/or as instructional designers and training specialists in a wide array of environments including higher education, non-profit, government, corporate, and military settings. … Continued

International Business, M.S. Human Resources Concentration

A UNCG Bryan School student sits and smiles in a classroom. She is looking to the student on her right, laughing amongst her peers.

The Master of Science in International Business provides an interactive dialogue between a diverse group of students and faculty through a global online classroom. Students will develop an appreciation and understanding of the global environment such as different cultural, economic, political, and institutional settings. The online Human Resources concentration is … Continued

Licensure in School Library Media Supervisor

Lisa Barron instructs a class in the LIS department

The Licensure in School Library Media Supervisor (078) is designed for students who need to be licensed as a director of media services within a school system. This licensure is an add-on that is available to students who are eligible to hold the Media Coordinator (076) licensure with the additional requirements of … Continued

Licensure in School Library Media Coordinator

Lisa Barron instructs a class in the LIS department

The Licensure in School Library Media Coordinator (076) is designed for students who need to be licensed as a school librarian. To earn the licensure, students will need to earn an M.L.I.S. degree. Students who currently hold an M.L.I.S. or M.L.S. degree are able to add school library licensure by … Continued