New Enrollment campaign leans in to UNCG’s greatest strength: its students

Posted on March 28, 2023

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There’s a new ad campaign rolling out to high school students across North Carolina that aims to differentiate UNC Greensboro from the 15 other four-year universities in the UNC System. This new campaign is the result of UNCG marketing teams’ year-long quest to identify and articulate what it is that uniquely defines us.

University Communications and Enrollment Communications leveraged survey data from EAB, Brasco Marketing, and Hanover Research as well as trend reports about Gen Z’s opinions and preferences.

The results showed that our future students and their influencers want to be part of a collective and empowered group, and that they value diversity of all kinds, especially in places that embrace individuals as they explore their identities.

These are areas where UNCG is already excelling. This message of individuality and empowerment is at the core of the new campaign.

The new ad campaign puts students front-and-center, showing off diverse faces on our campus and challenging students to come as they are. The marketing message copy reads:

Student plays the violin for "Be You" branding campaign.

At UNC Greensboro, we believe in the power of you and the story you have to tell. We’ll help you find your voice, develop your passions, and light the way to the future – your future. Don’t let anyone else define you. This is your story. It’s time to live it. 
Be you, at UNCG.

Ads are running throughout North Carolina as part of a combined media spend between University Communications and Enrollment Communications, to maximize the reach and impact of the new message. Marketing channels include digital display and social media, plus paid search. Billboards in Graham, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, and Charlotte will be live in April.

Early campaign results indicate the message is resonating. During the first eight weeks, the “Be You” campaign has driven more than 25,000 website sessions, garnered almost 350 student inquiries, and contributed to 50 applications for summer and fall 2023. Check out YouTube for the latest video supporting the Be You campaign.


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