UNC Greensboro

Funding Friday: Farm Resilience and Lithium

A UNCG faculty member and student work with plants in the greenhouse.

Nearly two dozen funding announcements support faculty’s efforts to better understand topics such as anticancer leads, childhood obesity risks, and outdoor recreation.

UNCG Center Brings out the Best in Children

A young girl interacts with a woman across a table.

For the past 20 years, CYFCP’s Bringing Out the Best has lived up to its name by helping Guilford County residents under 5 years old overcome behavioral, social, and emotional challenges.

UNCG Center Helps Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

A close-up image of two people holding one another's hands

Many youth entangled with the juvenile justice system have experienced trauma and related behavioral and emotional challenges. The CYFCP’s NC Juvenile Justice Behavioral Health Partnerships help these youth and their families access to behavioral health treatment – with the hope of halting further interactions with the justice system.

Women in Science Making a Difference at UNCG

UNCG professor Lenka Shriver talks to student Jenna Copley beside a computer.

Women across UNCG are involved in scientific research on a daily basis. Five faculty in the School of Health and Human Sciences talk about their projects, what inspires them, and share tips for those looking to break into the field.