History, Secondary Education, B.A.


Change the world and do what you love by becoming a history teacher. This program prepares you for teaching social studies to grades 9-12. Graduates of this program are empowered to help future students understand history as not simply a compilation of facts to be memorized, but rather a way of thinking about the world. 


  • This program prepares students to be successful social studies teachers at the high school level. 
  • The History Department works closely with the School of Education to ensure you learn how to connect the scholarship they are reading to direct experience in the classroom.
  • Professors in UNC Greensboro’s Department of History regularly win university-wide teaching and mentorship awards for their commitment to student success.
  • History faculty regularly publish books and articles and win awards for their research.


  • As part of preparation for licensure, you will spend 50 hours in internships during your junior year (25 hours per semester), another 50 hours during the fall semester of your senior year.
  • You will engage in full-time student teaching during the spring semester of your senior year.
  • The UNCG History Club is the longest-running student group on campus and regularly engages students in history-related lectures, movies, games, trips, and more. 


  • Graduates of approved teacher education curricula are eligible for initial licensure on the basis of UNC Greensboro’s recommendation to the State Department of Public Instruction. 

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Degree Type: Bachelor's

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Program Type: Majors & Concentrations

Class Type: In Person

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