Nutrition, Ph.D.


The Ph.D. in Nutrition is a research degree program designed to provide students with expertise in the fundamental principles of nutrition science. Students are trained for teaching and research positions in the academic, government, and private sectors. Students have the opportunity to conduct dissertation research that will contribute to the body of knowledge in nutrition.

Program Distinctions

  • Department faculty have a wide range of research interests from cellular to population level, related to nutrition and health involving use of diverse methodological approaches. 
  • The Nutrition Department’s laboratories are state of the art. The research laboratories contain modern equipment for the study of cellular and molecular nutrition, nutritional and clinical biochemistry, physical fitness and body composition, and dietary intake.
  • Many of our students receive national awards for their research, including the Emerging Leader in Nutrition Science and Obesity Research Interest Section Award in the American Society of Nutrition (ASN) Poster Competition; Society for Nutrition Education and Behavior (SNEB) Foundation Scholarship;  and multiple HHS Scholarships.

The Student Experience

  • Faculty and students conduct basic research (work with cell cultures) or applied research (work with human subjects in clinical or community based studies) to complete dissertation research.
  • The career goal of each student is given maximum consideration in the design of individual programs of study. Thus, there is a limited core curriculum taken by all students prior to specialization.
  • The program is research-based, which allows students to work alongside faculty members, clinicians and community partners inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Graduate Student Assistantships are available, which involve teaching and research-related responsibilities.
  • Students may become involved in the Nutrition Graduate Student Association or the UNCG Graduate Student Association.
  • Students present at many professional conferences and invited presentations.
  • Experiences in contemporary subjects such as Sports Nutrition and Culinary Medicine are available.

After Graduation

  • The Ph.D. is a research degree program designed to prepare students for teaching and research positions in the academic, government, and private sectors.
  • Our alumni are working in academia, federal agencies, private and public health organizations such as the American Heart Association.

APPLY TO Program

  • All students entering the doctoral degree program must have background-supporting courses in basic nutrition, general and organic chemistry, general biology, biochemistry, and human physiology. At UNCG these course numbers are: NTR 213, CHE 103, CHE 104, CHE 110L, CHE 205, CHE 206, NTR 531, BIO 111, BIO 277. (see Transfer Credits)
  • GRE is not required
  • Applications for admission must be submitted on-line by the following dates:
    • February 1 for assistantship consideration for fall semester admission,
    • May 1 for fall semester admission without assistantship consideration, and
    • November 15 for spring semester admission.

The following are required for evaluation by the Graduate School:

  1. A completed on-line application form and payment of the application fee;
  2. Three letters of recommendation;
  3. A letter of intent that includes research and professional goals and  indicates the applicant’s general area of research interest  (indicate basic or applied research or no preference);
  4. And official transcripts of all previous college course work.

Additionally, foreign students are required to:

  1. Submit TOEFL or IELTS scores and
  2. Detailed NACES (course-by-course) evaluations of transcripts.

All application materials must be sent to the Graduate School. Once complete, application materials are then forwarded to the Department of Nutrition for review.

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Program Details

Degree Type: Doctoral

College/School: School of Health and Human Sciences

Program Type: Major

Class Type: In Person

Contact Us

Jigna M. Dharod, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Nutrition, 312 Stone Building
319 College Avenue
Greensboro, NC 27412