Psychology, M.A.


Terminal Masters students are admitted into a general experimental program and typically will work with a faculty member from one of our experimental areas, including developmental, cognitive, and social psychology, as well as psychopathology and developmental psychopathology. We also have faculty qualified to direct theses in quantitative psychology and biological psychology. The primary goal of the Terminal Master’s degree track is to develop competence in the core areas of psychology and their methods. Students are expected to demonstrate competence in research and have the skills and moral standards to apply the knowledge of the discipline competently and ethically in their daily lives and careers. The degree culminates in the preparation of a research thesis based on original research.


  • Equipment facilities include a 64 channel Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system (Brain Products: actiCHamp and actiCap active electrodes system), remote eye-tracking system (SensoMotoric Products), and access to a 3T scanner (Siemens Magnetom Trio).


  • Extensive one-on-one mentoring from a faculty advisor and collaborative interactions with many faculty and students designed to develop research skills.
  • Because the graduate program is small, each student’s course of study can be tailored to meet individual interests and needs. 
  • Students are encouraged to become familiar with research being carried on throughout the department by attending colloquia and lab meetings, and by participating in research opportunities in any lab in which facilities can be made available.


  • Students are well-prepared for successful careers as researchers or consultants.
  • Recent graduates have secured entry into Psychology Ph.D. programs as well as positions in non-profit organizations and industry.

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Degree Type: Master's

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Program Type: Majors & Concentrations

Class Type: In Person

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