Teacher Education, M.Ed.



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The Department of Teacher Education and Higher Education (TEHE) brings together outstanding faculty mentors with scholars from all levels of educational experience to pursue one, common goal: to become leaders driven to make a difference in the lives of learners, who, in turn, are prepared to make their own positive difference in the world. Whether your professional goal is to be a leader in elementary schools, secondary schools, or higher education, we are here to provide the best possible preparation and support. 

The Masters of Education program offers 7 concentrations including Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Science Education, Learning Sciences, Middle/Secondary Mathematics, Middle/Secondary Science Education, K-12 Literacy Education, and Secondary Social Studies.

Program Distinctions

The UNC Greensboro School of Education was named one of the 2022 “Top Graduate Schools of Education” by the U.S. News & World Report.

The Student Experience

Students will gain learning experiences and applied skills in the design, production, application, and evaluation of a broad range of media and technology for innovative teaching, instruction, training, and development.

After Graduation

Graduates of the program are well-prepared for successful careers as:

  • K-12 teachers
  • Community college instructors
  • School district administrators
  • Curriculum developers
  • Curriculum specialists
  • Curriculum facilitators

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