Next NC Scholarship Broadens Financial Aid Access

Posted on February 09, 2024

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Incentives for students to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) are on the rise now that the Next NC Scholarship has announced a significant grant that over half of North Carolina households should qualify for. 

With the Next NC Scholarship, North Carolina residents in households with an annual adjusted gross income of $80,000 or less who have filed their FAFSA are eligible for a minimum scholarship of $5,000 a year to attend any institution in the University of North Carolina System.  

Lightening the Load for NC Families 

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The scholarship combines federal Pell Grants and state-funded financial aid to cover at least half of a student’s annual tuition and fees, and those with greater need are eligible for even more. Students should visit Next NC’s website for more details and a full list of eligibility requirements.  

The best part? Eligibility requirements are broad, and it’s money that never has to be repaid!  

The North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority predicts that 55% of all households in North Carolina would qualify based on the United States Census Bureau’s median North Carolina household income of $66,186. 

“The Next NC Scholarship is yet another example of how North Carolina is making higher education more accessible and affordable,” said UNC System President Peter Hans. “The Next NC Scholarship provides money for college that students don’t have to pay back — a tremendous opportunity for North Carolinians from all corners of our state.” 

Making Spartan Dreams Come True 

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As the University named first in the state for net cost by the New York Times, UNC Greensboro is thrilled about the impact that the Next NC Scholarship will make on its students’ financial aid options and UNCG’s ability to boost students’ social mobility with higher education. 

“The Next NC Scholarship is a streamlined and improved opportunity for North Carolina students to receive state funding to help them achieve their goals in higher education,” says Joel Lee, associate vice chancellor for enrollment management. “We know that affordability is key in today’s landscape, and this program is designed for students and families who need a little more assistance to make that college dream a reality.” 

How to be Next in Line for Funding 

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To make sure the maximum Spartan students take advantage of grants like Next NC, the UNCG Financial Aid department is ready to help all students file their FAFSA

Due to the delayed opening of the new FAFSA portal in late December along with the delays in schools receiving the results, UNCG has extended its deadline for FAFSA application submissions to August 15.

Be advised that the new FAFSA is shorter for most applicants, but there are filing procedures that may look different from previous years. Take advantage of assistance from financial aid representatives, review tips from the experts, and consider registering for a webinar on February 15 that will provide a guided overview of the new filing process and answer general questions from the attendees.   

Financial aid could be out there waiting for your application, so don’t delay. Scholarships and grants like Next NC are making the FAFSA filing effort well worth your time.  

Story by Becky Deakins, University Communications. 
Photography by Sean Norona, University Communications. 

Group of students in UNCG t-shirts. A male in the middle is pointing to the camera with both hands.

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