Spartan Love for Greensboro

Posted on February 14, 2024

4 students in UNCG gear ice skate with their arms linked together. The shot has a graphic frame with hearts around it.
Briana Easterly, Emanuel Mendez Aquino, Kimberly Lopez-Oregon and Ayana Cholula ice skate at Piedmont Winterfest downtown.

Recently, we tagged along with a group of UNC Greensboro students to explore a winter afternoon in downtown Greensboro and get a taste of what students love about living here. The group grabbed tickets for an upcoming show at the Tanger Center and went ice skating in LeBauer Park, before heading to Southend Brewery to warm up by the fire pits and get a bite to eat.  

Our UNCG students were full of shout-outs for their favorite local restaurants, shops, and attractions, but they also had interesting insights into why a city like Greensboro is a sweet spot for students.  

A Place to Find Your Happy 

The location of Greensboro in the middle of the state makes it convenient for students who want to move away to college (but not too far away). It’s an easy trip back home for North Carolina natives, or for a weekend trip to the state’s beaches, mountains, and metropolitan cities, but UNCG students also find plenty to do right here.  

“We can watch our favorite artists perform on tour at the Greensboro Coliseum, and we can enjoy the annual Folk Festival with hundreds of different musicians, artists, and creators,” says Ayana Cholula, a graduate student studying student affairs administration in higher education. “I like that we can experience busier ‘city life’ since campus is close to downtown, yet we’re not far away from nature spots such as the Greensboro Arboretum or Hanging Rock State Park. All in all, Greensboro is a place for everyone to find their happy.” 

Greensboro’s Diverse Diversions  

As for what it takes to keep our students happy, the answers were varied, but they can all be found in Greensboro. From a cozy, “study sesh” at Tate Street Coffee House, to bowling and arcade games at Round 1 or antiquing and thrifting in the independent shops around town, UNCG students can always find stimulating ways to spend their free time. 

“Greensboro is diverse,” praises Juno Rose, animation major from Winston-Salem. “We’ve got good food and good people, a rich history, and there’s always a little place you haven’t seen yet if you’re just willing to look!”

A Network of Support 

As disparate as our students’ favorite local hot spots are, they all agree on the common denominator that makes Greensboro feel welcoming to students. It all boils down to the people. 

Students appreciate how the diversity of the University is reflected in the city of Greensboro and vice versa. It’s why many students choose to attend UNCG in the first place and why they thrive here. 

“The people you meet here are always a huge support system, on and off campus,” says Briana Easterly. 

In Greensboro, students find attentive advisors to help with academics, restaurant owners who appreciate UNCG students who are regulars, and local employers and professionals with internships and networking opportunities. What’s not to love? It’s the perfect launch pad to prepare students for successful futures.  

“Students can make good connections with the right people here in Greensboro,” says Kimberly Lopez-Oregon. “I can’t imagine a better place for me to spend my college years.” 

This has been the second installment of the February “Spartan Love” Series. If you missed it, check out Spartan Love for Campus Hideaways, and stay tuned for more stories this month about what students love about life at UNCG. 

Story by Becky Deakins, University Communications.
Photography and Videography by Sean Norona, Grant Gilliard & David Row, University Communications.

Make Greensboro Your Home Away from Home.


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