Spartan Love for UNCG Campus Hideaways

Posted on February 02, 2024

View of UNCG campus from inside the Asteria sculpture giving the campus scene a unique metal frame.

Every college student needs a place to retreat from the stress of the day. Study habits are important, but we also need time for ourselves, and even fun, social opportunities can be distracting and disrupt our focus.  

It’s important for students to find a place where they can study peacefully, rest, and recharge. Fortunately for Spartans, our beautiful campus has quiet library nooks, gardens and wooded glens where students can study and breathe in the fresh air, and spaces that inspire creativity and mindfulness.  

If you haven’t found your place to escape, consider these UNC Greensboro campus hideaways. Whether nature, creativity, or peace is what you’re seeking, there’s a hidden spot on UNCG’s campus just for you.  

cozy, creative indoor spaces

A lounge with blue walls, bean bag seating, vibrant paintings on the walls and various textured surfaces.

“In the Sensory Lounge in the Ferguson building, I can always wind down and take space if needed. I love the features in the sensory lounge!” 

– Awa Mbai, political science major

“I enjoy working in Gatewood studios. When I am surrounded by creative minds and other artists’ work as well as my own, I am inspired and comforted!” 

– Elizabeth Boerger, art major

Art students in Gatewood studio working on paintings at tables with art supplies and others working on sketches hanging on the walls.

“My favorite spot to study is at my desk in my apartment. It’s off-campus but only a short walk from my classes. There, I can be cozy and pet my cat, Jennifer.” 

– Grant Develle, chemistry and biochemistry major

Photo submitted by Grant Develle.

“My favorite place to study or recharge would be the third floor of Jackson Library. Most of the time it’s quiet and peaceful.” 

Diamond Martin, education major

Photo by Martin Kane.

Students studying at tables and desks in the Jackson Library.

Finding Peace in Nature

Lily pads float on a pond in gardens beside the school of music.

“My favorite place to study or just relax is the “salad bowl” by the School of Music, I also enjoy a midafternoon nap on my hammock in the Peabody Woods when my schedule allows.” 

– Gabriel Coll-Bettencourt, music major

Photo by David Lee Row.

“I love to sit out by the fountains outside of Moran Commons. Some of the tables have charging ports, so I can work on homework without worrying about my computer dying. This is also a great spot for students to socialize, so I love gathering with my friends here.” 

– Zoe Kersey, marketing major

Photo by Zoe Kersey.

Picnic tables on the brick walk outside of Moran Commons beside fountains with campus buildings in the background.
Bench under pine trees near the outdoor basketball courts.

“My favorite spot to relax and recharge is the bench under the tree near the outdoor basketball courts. It overlooks the soccer field. This has been my go-to spot to find some peace for about a year now. I have lots of fond memories from that bench, whether it be reading a book or reflecting on life.” 

– Kenny Banks, mathematics major

Photo by Zoe Kersey.

“My favorite spot to relax on campus is Taylor Gardens. It is always nice to grab some food from the EUC and sit in Taylor Gardens to get some work done or catch up with friends.” 

– Ivan Tarpley, communications studies major

Photo by Martin Kane.

Fountains and gardens between EUC and Alumni House with tables and people having lunch.

This has been the first installment of the February “Spartan Love” Series. Stay tuned for more stories this month about what students love about life at UNCG. 

Story by Becky Deakins, University Communications. 
Photography by Sean Norona, unless noted above. 

UNCG mascot Spiro greets students at orientation.

Selfcare is important.


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