Department of Public Health Education

H. William Gruchow, PhD

H. William Gruchow, Ph.D, Professor
Department of Public Health Education
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
PO Box 26170
Greensboro, NC 27402-6170
(336) 256-8681 (office)
(336) 256-1158 (fax)

Curriculum Vita

Dr. Gruchow received his Ph.D. in Human Biology from the University of Wisconsin. He has held faculty teaching and research positions with the University of Waterloo (Ontario) Department of Health Studies, The Medical College of Wisconsin, Division of Biostatistics/Clinical Epidemiology, where he was also Associate Director for Epidemiology, Milwaukee Long Term Care Gerontology Center, and his current position in the Department of Public Health Education at UNCG. He came to UNCG as Department Head in 1988. In addition, he has served as Director, Institute for Health, Science and Society (1997-2002), and Director, National Family Planning Male Training Center (2004-2009).

During 2001 and 2002 Dr. Gruchow chaired a national Models Committee, convened by the Male Advocacy Network (MAN) to review and interpret scientific evidence of importance to community-based male sexual and reproductive health programs. He was lead author of the document, Components that Work in Male Reproductive Health and Education Programs, which resulted from the work of this committee.

In his career Dr. Gruchow has obtained extensive grant funding to support his work from local and national funding sources. His research has been published in the major medical and public health journals, and presented at major medical and public health meetings. He also has an extensive record of involvement in community health initiatives, and has published numerous evaluation reports for community agencies, health departments and foundations.

Current Work

Dr. Gruchow's most recent publication is:

Gruchow HW, Brown RK. Evaluation of the Wise Guys Male Responsibility Curriculum: Participant-Control Comparisons. J Sch Health (accepted June, 2010; anticipated publication: spring, 2011)

Other current work includes a book-length manuscript on the topic of Health Disparities and Stress, which is being prepared for publication, and another book-length manuscript, on the topic of An Integrated-Spectrum (I-S) Model of Health Care, which is in various stages of being written. Both of these are described further on the "Research" page.

Google Search Terms
  • H William Gruchow, Harvey Gruchow, Bill Gruchow
  • Human Biology, Epidemiology, Biostatistics
Research Interests
  • Philosophy of Health; Health Disparities associated with stress; and Male Sexual & Reproductive Health


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