Psychology, Ph.D.


Students admitted to UNC Greensboro’s esteemed Psychology Ph.D. program choose from one of four areas of focus:

Ph.D. students follow a single curriculum with a uniform set of requirements, but their research programs and seminar courses focus on their unique areas of interest.


  • The Ph.D. in Psychology is one of the oldest doctoral degree programs at UNCG and is known for its rigorous research and clinical training.
  • Equipment facilities include a 64 channel ERP system (Brain Products: actiCHamp and actiCap active electrodes system), remote eye tracking system (SensoMotoric Products), and access to a 3T scanner (Siemens Magnetom Trio).
  • Methods training include experimental design, experience and thought sampling, protocol analysis, eye-tracking and pupillometry, and psychometrics.


  • Students receive extensive one-on-one mentoring from a faculty advisor and collaborate with many faculty and students to develop research skills.
  • Because the graduate program is small, each student’s course of study can be tailored to meet individual interests and needs. 
  • Students typically receive five years of funding, including tuition remission.


  • Students are well-prepared for successful careers as researchers, consultants, or academic psychologists.
  • Recent graduates have secured postdoctoral and tenure-track positions as well as positions in non-profit organizations and industry.

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Program Details

Degree Type: Doctoral

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Program Type: Majors & Concentrations

Class Type: In Person

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Dr. Ethan Zell
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Psychology