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Oberlies Research Group

The Oberlies Research Group 

The Oberlies Research Group studies bioactive compounds from nature, largely from the viewpoint of natural products chemistry. We isolate and characterize bioactive compounds from fungi, bacteria, and plants, every single day. All of our projects take a team oriented approach, collaborating with scientists in diverse disciplines, including pharmacology, virology, ecology, and metabolism, to name only a few, such that we are focused on revealing the biological potential of compounds from nature.

News & Updates

On February 14th (9:00 to 3:00) Nick Oberlies is hosting a workshop on Scientific Entrepreneurship with Dr. Cedric Pearce at Natty Greene's. The community is welcome, and registration information can be found here.

Bob Buckley of the local Fox affiliate filmed a piece about our research group. He did a pretty good job keeping the science accurate. View the video here. - 11/24/2013

Conquering a Hidden Kingdom - 4/11/2013

American Botanical Council Welcomes 15 New Advisory Board  Members - 2/10/12

Biotech grant fuels search for new drug to fight parasites - 9/13/11

UNCG prof aiding parasite research - 9/12/11